Here is an opportunity to do something that will


Impact The Community!


Help Rob make a Difference - Volunteer


There are many ways to volunteer,

from walking door to door to hosting fundraising events.

Here are ways you can help:



House parties are gatherings of people - they can be friends, neighbors, peopleyou know from work or anyone else 

you’ve chosen to invite who have come together to learn more about Rob.  What you do at your house party is up to you, but the most important 

thing is to have fun and get everyone tosign up to be a supporter.


House parties are a place for folks to 

gather to learn more about Rob, his campaign, and his plan for West Virginians who want to build a better 

life for them and their families. Anyone can act as host -­­ you don’t need any  special skills. All it takes is a little 

planning & organization, and an excite-ment to support Rob.


Your party doesn’t need to be compli-cated. The best ones are often the 

simplest!  Some friends, maybe some  snacks, and signup sheets to collect 

everyone’s information are all you needfor a successful event.


There are several ways to volunteer for Rob's campaign.  Below are just a few ideas:

     Block Walk - You can go with a partner or alone. You are given a list of addresses in a neighborhood for people who are likely voters. You knocK and talk or you leave a door hanger. You get exercise, soak up a little Vitamin D, and help get the Rob’s name in front of voters. 

     Phone Bank - For every 10 numbers you dial, you might reach one person.Sometimes, these are the most fun of all.  Start off sounding friendly and identifying yourself as a volunteer.  Most will be either friendly OR honest about wanting to get off the phone.

     Deliver Yard Signs - Campaigns get calls and emails from supporters who want signs. They also seek out supporters with prime property for big 4′ x 8′ signs: residential or retail corners, fences on key roads, etc.


For more ideas, go to:


The cost of elections and campaigns continues to rise, and candidates are forced to rely on contributions to make their campaign possible.


You can send a check to:


Committee to Elect Rob Garcia for House of Delegates

1519 Briarwood Rd

Bridgeport, WV  26330

Join the Rob Garcia Campaign

Rob Garcia

1519 Briarwood Rd.

Bridgeport, WV


Tel: 304-612-4401



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